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This is a Hungarian wine grape but its high quality and early season
make it a desirable table-grape in the East. It seems to be grown but
little on the Pacific slope. The following description is made from
fruit grown at Geneva, New York:

Vine medium in vigor, productive. Young leaves tinged red at
edges, upper surface glossy; mature leaves large, round, upper
surface dull, lower surface downy; lobes five, terminal lobe
acuminate; basal sinus deep, medium to narrow, closed to
overlapping; lower lateral sinus deep, variable in width; upper
lateral sinus deep, usually narrows; margins dentate, teeth
shallow to medium deep. Flowers appear late; stamens reflexed.

Fruit ripens at Geneva the first or second week in October and
keeps well in storage; clusters above medium in size, medium in
length, broad, frequently double-shouldered, tapering, medium to
loose; berries medium to small, oval, light red becoming dark when
fully ripe, with thick bloom; skin thin, tender, adherent to the
pulp; flesh greenish, juicy, tender, melting, vinous, sweet;
quality very good.

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