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(Lincecumii, Labrusca)

Another of T. V. Munson's hybrids is Beacon. It is not well adapted to
northern regions but does very well in the South. The vine is vigorous
and bears a handsome, compact mass of foliage which retains its color
and freshness through drouths and heat. Munson grew Beacon in 1887
from seed of Big Berry (a variety of Lincecumii) pollinated by
Concord, the vine bearing first in 1889.

Vine vigorous, precariously hardy, productive. Canes short,
slender, light brown. Leaves healthy, thick, dark green, sometimes
rugose; veins showing indistinctly through the slight pubescence
of the lower surface. Flowers open in mid-season, on plan of five
or six, self-fertile.

Fruit mid-season, keeps well. Clusters large, long, slender,
cylindrical, usually high-shouldered, compact. Berries variable in
size, round, purplish-black, dull with heavy bloom, firm; skin
tough, adherent with a large amount of purplish-red pigment,
astringent; flesh tender, aromatic, spicy, vinous, mildly subacid;
good. Seeds free, large, broad, blunt, notched.

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