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Black Morocco


Black Morocco very generally meets the approval of grape-growers on
the Pacific slope without being a prime favorite for either home use
or commerce. The grapes are not high enough in quality for a home
vineyard, and, while they ship well, are hard to handle because of the
large size and rigidity of the bunches. Another fault is that the
vines are subject to root-knot. The chief asset of the variety is
handsome appearance of fruit. This variety is remarkable for the
number of second-crop bunches which it produces on the laterals. The
following description is compiled:

Vine very vigorous, productive; canes spreading, few. Leaves
medium to small, very deeply five-lobed; the younger leaves
truncate at base, giving them a semi-circular outline, with long,
sharp teeth alternating with very small ones; glabrous, or nearly
so, on both sides. Bunches very large, short, shouldered, compact
and rigid; berries very large, round, often misshapen from
compression; dull purple, lacking color in the center of the
bunch; flesh firm, crisp, neutral in flavor, lacking in richness;
quality rather low. Season late, keeping and shipping well.

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