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(AEstivalis, Labrusca)

Arkansas, Red River

There is controversy as to whether this variety differs from Norton.
The two ripen at separate times, and the fruits differ a little so
that they must be considered as distinct. Cynthiana is particular as
to soil and location, preferring sandy loams and does not thrive on
clays or limestones. While very resistant to phylloxera, this variety
is not much used as a resistant stock because it is not easily
propagated. The vines are resistant to mildew, black-rot, and
anthracnose and are strong, vigorous growers. The cycle of vegetation
for Cynthiana is long, the buds bursting forth early and the fruit
maturing very late. The variety has no value as a table-grape but in
the South is one of the best grapes for red wine. No doubt it will
prove one of the best southern sorts for grape-juice. Cynthiana was
received about 1850 by Prince, of Flushing, Long Island, from
Arkansas, where it was found growing in the woods.

Vine vigorous, hardy, healthy, productive. Canes medium in length,
numerous, reddish-brown with thick bloom; nodes enlarged;
internodes short; shoots glabrous; tendrils intermittent or
continuous, bifid. Leaves thick, firm; upper surface dark green,
dull, rugose; lower surface tinged with blue, faintly pubescent,
cobwebby; lobes variable in number, terminal one acute; petiolar
sinus deep, narrow, closed, sometimes overlapping; basal sinus
shallow; lateral sinus shallow, narrow; teeth shallow; stamens

Fruit very late, keeps well. Clusters medium to small, long,
tapering, often single-shouldered, compact; pedicel short,
slender, with numerous warts; brush short, thick, wine-colored.
Berries small, round, black, covered with heavy bloom, persistent,
firm; skin thin, tough, adherent with purple pigment, astringent;
flesh dark green, translucent, juicy, tough, firm, spicy, tart;
poor in quality. Seeds adherent, one to six, small, short, blunt,
dark brown.

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