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Direct Producers

Attempts innumerable have been and are still being made to secure, by
hybridizing V. vinifera and American species of grapes, varieties
that will resist phylloxera, the mildew and black-rot. The grapes of
this continent are relatively immune to all of these troubles, and if
hybrids could be obtained to produce directly, without grafting,
grapes with the good qualities of the Viniferas--in short, European
grapes on American vines--the cultivated grape flora of the whole
world might be changed. So far, a "direct producer" that is wholly
satisfactory in either Europe or California has not been found for the
wine or raisin industries, although a number of varieties are rated as
very good table grapes, and a few are used in wine-making. The best of
the direct producers are Lenoir, Taylor, Noah, Norton's Virginia,
Autuchon, Othello, Catawba, and Delaware.

York. Top, Malvasia; bottom, Chasselas Golden.]

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