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Dracut Amber


Dracut Amber is representative of the red type of Labrusca. The fruit
has no particular merit, its thick skin, coarse pulp, seeds and foxy
taste all being objectionable. However, the vine is very hardy,
productive, and ripens its fruit early so that this variety becomes
valuable in locations where a vigorous, hardy, early grape is wanted.
Asa Clement, Dracut, Massachusetts grew Dracut Amber from seed planted
about 1855.

Vine vigorous, hardy, productive. Canes long, numerous, dark
brown; nodes enlarged, flattened; tendrils continuous, long, bifid
or trifid. Leaves large, thick; upper surface dark green, dull,
smooth; lower surface pale green, cobwebby; lobes three to five
with terminal one obtuse; petiolar sinus deep, narrow; basal sinus
shallow, wide; teeth shallow. Flowers on plan of six,
semi-fertile, mid-season.

Fruit early, season short. Clusters short, broad, cylindrical,
irregular, rarely shouldered, compact; pedicel short, covered with
warts; brush long, light yellowish-green. Berries medium to large,
oval, dull pale red or dark amber, covered with thin bloom, soft;
skin very thick, tender, adherent, astringent; flesh green,
translucent, juicy, tough, very foxy; inferior in quality. Seeds
adherent, two to five, large, broad, light brown.

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