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Early Ohio


Early Ohio is remarkable, chiefly, in being one of the earliest
commercial grapes. The fruit resembles that of Concord, of which it is
probably a seedling. Notwithstanding many defects, Early Ohio is grown
somewhat commonly, although its culture is on the wane. The variety
was found in 1882 by R. A. Hunt, Euclid, Ohio, between rows of
Delaware and Concord.

Vine weak, tender, usually unproductive. Canes short, slender,
brown with a red tinge; nodes enlarged, flattened; internodes
short; tendrils continuous, short, bifid. Leaves intermediate in
size; upper surface light green, dull, smooth; lower surface pale
green tinged with bronze, pubescent; lobes wanting or one to
three, terminal one acute; petiolar sinus shallow, wide; basal
sinus usually absent; lateral sinus shallow, narrow; teeth
shallow. Flowers self-fertile, open in mid-season; stamens

Fruit very early, does not keep well. Clusters medium in size,
tapering; pedicel slender with a few small warts; brush slender,
tinged with red. Berries variable in size, round, purplish-black,
glossy with heavy bloom, persistent, firm; skin adherent,
astringent; flesh green, translucent, juicy, tough, aromatic; poor
in quality. Seeds adherent, one to four, notched, brown with
yellowish-brown tips.

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