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Eaton (Plate XIV) is a pure-bred seedling of Concord which it
surpasses in appearance but does not equal in quality of fruit. The
flesh is tough and stringy, and though sweet at the skin, is acid at
the seeds and has the same foxiness that characterizes Concord, but
with more juice and less richness, so that it is well described as a
"diluted" Concord. The grape-skin is very similar to that of Concord,
and the fruit packs, ships and keeps about the same, perhaps not quite
as well because of the greater amount of juice. The season is a few
days earlier than Concord. The vine is similar in all characters to
that of its parent. The grapes ripen unevenly, the flowers are
self-sterile, and in some locations the vine is a shy bearer. The
variety has not found favor with either grower or consumer. Eaton
originated with Calvin Eaton, Concord, New Hampshire, about 1868.

Vine vigorous, hardy, healthy, productive. Canes thick, light
brown with blue bloom; nodes enlarged, flattened; internodes
short; tendrils continuous, long, bifid or trifid. Leaves large,
round, thick; upper surface dark green; lower surface tinged with
bronze, heavily pubescent; lobes three, terminal one acute;
petiolar sinus shallow, wide; basal sinus usually lacking; lateral
sinus shallow, narrow, often notched; teeth shallow. Flowers
semi-sterile, early; stamens upright.

Fruit mid-season. Clusters large, short, broad, blunt, sometimes
double-shouldered, compact; pedicel long, thick, smooth; brush
slender, pale green. Berries large, round, black with heavy bloom,
persistent, firm; skin tough, adherent, purplish-red pigment,
astringent; flesh green, translucent, juicy, tough, stringy, foxy;
fair in quality. Seeds adherent, one to four, broad, notched,
plump, blunt.

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