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(Rotundifolia, Munsoniana?)

Eden is of value as a general-purpose grape for the South and is
interesting as one of the few supposed hybrids with V. rotundifolia.
It is probably a hybrid between the species named and V. Munsoniana,
another southern wild grape. The vine is exceedingly vigorous and
productive and thrives on clay soils, whereas most other Rotundifolias
can be grown successfully only on sandy lands. Eden was found some
years ago on the premises of Dr. Guild, near Atlanta, Georgia.

Vine very vigorous, productive, healthy and bearing a dense canopy
of foliage. Canes darker in color than most other Rotundifolias.
Leaves of medium size and thickness, longer than wide; petiolar
sinus wide; marginal teeth rounded; leaf-tip blunt. Flowers

Fruit early, distinct first and second crops, ripens uniformly.
Clusters large, loose, bearing from five to twenty-five berries
which adhere fairly well to the pedicels. Berries round, one-half
inch in diameter, dull black, faintly specked; skin thin, tender;
flesh soft, juicy, pale green, sprightly; good in quality.

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