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Emperor is one of the standard shipping grapes of the Pacific slope,
being one of the mainstays of the interior valleys. On the coast and
in southern California, it is irregular in bearing, and on the coast
the fruits often fail to ripen. It is chiefly grown in the San Joaquin
Valley. It could hardly be expected to ripen even in the most favored
grape regions in the East. The following brief description is

Vine strong, healthy and productive. Leaves very large, with five
shallow lobes; teeth short and obtuse; light green in color;
glabrous above, wooly beneath. Bunches very large, loose,
sometimes inclined to be straggling, long-conical. Berries large,
dull purple, oval; flesh firm and crisp; skin thick; flavor and
quality good. Ripens late and keeps and ships well.

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