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(Vulpina, Labrusca)

In appearance, taste and texture of fruit, Etta is very similar to
Elvira, of which it is a seedling. The small, yellow clusters which
characterize Elvira are reproduced in Etta, which differs chiefly in
having a shoulder quite as large as the main bunch itself and in
having a better flavor, lacking the slight foxiness of Elvira. The
vine is very vigorous, hardy, and is productive to a fault. The fruit
ripens with that of Catawba. The tendency of Elvira to crack and
overbear influenced the originator of that variety, Jacob Rommel,
Morrison, Missouri, to try for a grape without these faults, and the
result was Etta from seed of Elvira. The fruit was first exhibited in

Vine very vigorous, hardy, productive. Canes long, numerous, light
to dark brown; tendrils continuous, bifid. Leaves large, thick;
upper surface dark green, glossy, smooth; lower surface pale
green, somewhat cobwebby. Flowers self-fertile, early; stamens

Fruit late, keeps well. Clusters small, short, broad, irregularly
cylindrical, usually with a short, single shoulder but sometimes
so heavily shouldered as to form a double bunch, very compact.
Berries small, round, pale green, dull with thin bloom, shattering
when over-ripe, firm; skin thin, tender; flesh juicy,
fine-grained, tough, stringy, slightly foxy, mild; fair in
quality. Seeds free, long, blunt, brown.

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