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(Vulpina, Labrusca)

Although spoken of as a desirable grape in some regions, Faith is of
little value in most localities. The fruit is unattractive in
appearance, and the quality is not high. If the variety has any
preeminently good character, it is productiveness. The blossoms put
forth so early that they often suffer from spring frosts. Faith is of
the same breeding as Etta and from the same originator, Jacob Rommel,
Morrison, Missouri, both having come from seed of Elvira.

Vine vigorous, hardy, healthy, productive. Canes long, numerous,
thick, cylindrical; nodes prominent; internodes long; tendrils
continuous, bifid. Leaves large, dark green; upper surface dark
green, dull; lower surface grayish-green, thinly pubescent; lobes
wanting or faint; teeth shallow, wide. Flowers self-sterile to
partly self-fertile, open early; stamens upright.

Fruit early, does not keep well. Clusters medium in size, variable
in length, usually slender, often heavily single-shouldered,
loose; pedicel short, slender, warty; brush pale green, slender.
Berries small, round, dull green, frequently with a yellow tinge
changing to pale amber, with abundant bloom, persistent, soft;
skin thin, adherent, astringent; flesh juicy, tender, agreeably
flavored; fair to good in quality. Seeds numerous, broad, dark

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