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Feher Szagos


This variety succeeds rather well at Geneva, New York, bearing fruits
of excellent quality. It has two defects, dull color of the berries
and irregular bunches. It is worth trying in the East. Feher Szagos is
said to make a very good raisin in California and usually appears in
lists of table-grapes for that state.

Vines vigorous, somewhat uncertain bearers. Opening leaves
pubescent, red along the edges and a tinge of red on the upper
surface. Flowers have upright stamens. Fruit usually ripens the
first week in October and does not keep well in storage; clusters
large to medium, broad, loose, frequently irregular because of
poor setting of fruit; berries large, oval to elliptical, rather
dull green, with thin bloom; skin thick, tender, neutral; flesh
greenish, translucent, juicy, meaty, tender, sweet; quality of the
best; seeds free.

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