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Fern Munson

(Lincecumii, Vinifera, Labrusca)

Admirable, Fern, Hilgarde, Munson's No. 76

Fern Munson is a southern grape not adapted to northern regions, 40 deg.
north latitude being its limit of adaptation. The fruits show some
very good characters, as attractive appearance, agreeable quality and
unobjectionable seeds and skin. The vines are vigorous and
productive, but the foliage is not healthy although very abundant.
This variety originated with T. V. Munson, Denison, Texas, from seed
of Post-oak with mixed pollen. The seed was planted in 1885, and the
variety was introduced by the originator in 1893.

Vine vigorous, doubtfully hardy. Canes long, numerous, thick, dark
brown with a faint red tinge; tendrils intermittent, bifid. Leaves
large, thick; upper surface rugose and heavily wrinkled; lower
surface dull, pale green with a bronze tinge, faintly pubescent.
Flowers semi-fertile, open very late; stamens upright.

Fruit late, keeps well. Clusters large, irregularly tapering,
usually single-shouldered, often with many abortive fruits.
Berries large, round, slightly flattened, dark purplish-black,
glossy, covered with thin bloom, strongly persistent, firm; skin
thin, tough, astringent; flesh juicy, tough, firm, fine-grained,
vinous, briskly subacid; good. Seeds adherent, broad.

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