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Flame Tokay


This is the leading shipping grape of the Pacific slope where it is
everywhere grown under the name "Tokay," with several modifying terms,
as "Flame," "Flame-colored" and "Flaming." The fruit is not especially
high in quality nor attractive in appearance, but it ships and keeps
well, qualities making it popular in commercial vineyards. The
description is compiled.

Vine very vigorous, luxuriant in growth of canes, shoots and
leaves; very productive; wood dark brown, straight with long
joints. Leaves dark green with a brown tinge; lightly lobed.
Bunches very large, sometimes weighing eight or nine pounds,
moderately compact; shouldered. Berries large, oblong, red when
mature, covered with lilac bloom; flesh firm, crisp, sweet;
quality good. Season late, keeps and ships well.

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