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Gold Coin

(AEstivalis, Labrusca)

In the South, where alone it thrives, Gold Coin is a handsome market
variety of very good quality. The vines are productive and are
unusually free from attacks of fungal diseases. The variety
originated with T. V. Munson, Denison, Texas, from seed of Cynthiana
or Norton pollinated by Martha and was introduced by the originator in

Vine vigorous, hardy, productive. Canes slender, numerous;
tendrils continuous, sometimes intermittent, trifid or bifid.
Leaves medium in size; upper surface light green, slightly rugose;
lower surface pale green, tinged with bronze, heavily pubescent.
Flowers self-fertile; stamens upright.

Fruit late mid-season, keeps long. Clusters medium to small,
usually single-shouldered. Berries large, round-oval,
yellowish-green with a distinct trace of reddish-amber, with thin
bloom, usually persistent; skin covered with small, scattering
brown dots, thin, tough; flesh faintly aromatic, tart from skin to
center; good. Seeds free, numerous, medium in size.

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