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Grape Botany

The grape-grower must know the gross structure and the habits of
growth of the plants properly to propagate, transplant, prune and
otherwise care for the grape. Certainly he must have knowledge of the
several species from which varieties come if he is to know the kinds
of grapes, understand their adaptations to soils and climates, their
relation to insects and fungi, and their value for table, wine,
grape-juice and other purposes. Fortunately, the botany of the grape
is comparatively simple. The organs of vine and fruit are distinctive
and easily discerned and there are no nearly related plants cultivated
for fruit with which the grape can possibly be confused. Botanists, it
is true, have dug pitfalls for those who seek exact knowledge as to
the names and characters of the many species, but, fortunately, each
of the cultivated species constitutes a natural group so distinct that
the grape-grower can hardly mistake one for another in either fruit or

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