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Grape Products

Over-production, with the attendant losses caused by glutted markets,
is a factor which, like frosts and freezes, is ever in the mind of the
grape-grower. No season passes but that some of the grape regions of
the country suffer from over-production. Not uncommonly the grape
industry in a region is better off in a season when the crop is small
and prices high, than when the crop is large and prices low. In every
part of the country where grapes are grown, over-production has been a
great deterrent to viticulture; this, in spite of the fact that
grape-growers have availed themselves of the opportunity to
manufacture products from this fruit. Thus, wine and raisins are made
from the grape in California, and a large part of the harvest in the
East goes into wine, champagne and grape-juice. But the growth of
prohibition now threatens the wine and champagne industries of the
country, in fact may be said to have driven them to the wall, making
the need of new outlets in manufactured products a greater necessity.

Under these conditions, grape-growers must seek in every way to
enlarge the sale of the crop to manufacturers with the hope that thus,
together with more perfect distribution of his commodities, the
inroads made by prohibition on the industry may be offset and the
over-production of table-grapes be better prevented. With this brief
emphasis on the importance of manufactured products of the grape, we
approach the discussion of the several possible outlets to
over-production in this fruit.

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