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Green Early

(Labrusca, Vinifera)

Green Early is a white grape coming in season with Winchell, which
surpasses it in most characters, quality in particular. Green Early
was found in 1885, growing by the side of a ditch near a Concord
vineyard, on land belonging to O. J. Green, Portland, New York.

Vine vigorous, hardy, productive. Canes variable in length and
thickness, dark reddish-brown; nodes enlarged, flattened;
internodes short; tendrils continuous, sometimes intermittent,
bifid or trifid. Leaves variable in size, medium green; upper
surface dark green, glossy; lower surface pale green, pubescent;
lobes wanting or faintly five; teeth shallow, narrow; stamens

Fruit early, does not keep well. Clusters variable in size, length
and breadth, sometimes single-shouldered, variable in compactness.
Berries large, oval, light green tinged with yellow, with thin
bloom, persistent, soft; skin thin, tender, inclined to crack;
flesh tough and aromatic, sweet at skin but acid at center; fair
in quality. Seeds medium in size, length and breadth,

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