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Gros Colman



Gros Colman has the reputation of being the handsomest black
table-grape grown. It is one of the favorite hot-house grapes in
England and eastern America and is commonly grown out of doors in
California. The variety is remarkable for having the largest berries
of any round grape, borne in immense bunches, and for the long-keeping
qualities, although the tender skins sometimes crack. The following
description is compiled:

Vine vigorous, healthy and productive; wood dark brown. Leaves
very large, round, thick, but slightly lobed; teeth short and
blunt; glabrous above, wooly below. Bunches very large, short,
well filled but rather loose; berries very large, round, dark
blue; skin thick but tender; flesh firm, crisp, sweet and good;
quality not of the highest. Season late and the fruits keep long.

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