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Herbaceous Cuttings

Grapes are easily propagated from herbaceous cuttings, although since
the vines are weak and the method expensive, they are seldom used.
Green cuttings are usually taken from plants forced in greenhouses,
but may be taken in summer from vineyard vines. A green cutting is
usually cut with two buds with the leaf at the upper one left on. The
cuttings are set in propagating beds of sand, or pots of sand, in
close frames under which there is brisk bottom heat. To prevent
excessive evaporation, the frames are kept closed and the atmosphere
warm and moist. As growth progresses, or if mildew appears, the frames
are more and more ventilated. In two to four weeks, the cuttings
should have rooted sufficiently well to be transplanted to pots.
Herbaceous cuttings made in the summer must be kept under glass until
the following spring.

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