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(Labrusca, Vinifera)

In all that constitutes a fine table-grape, Herbert (Plate XVIII) is
as near perfection as any American variety. For a Vinifera-Labrusca
hybrid, the vine is vigorous, hardy and fruitful, ranking in these
respects above many pure-bred Labruscas. While the fruit ripens with
Concord, it keeps much later and packs and ships better. The variety
is self-sterile and must be set near other varieties. Herbert is
deserving attention from commercial growers who supply a
discriminating market, and its many good qualities give it high place
as a garden grape. The variety is one of Rogers' hybrids, named
Herbert in 1869.

Vine very vigorous, productive. Canes long, numerous, thick, dark
brown; nodes enlarged, flattened; internodes long; tendrils
intermittent, long, bifid or trifid. Leaves large, round; upper
surface dark green, dull, smooth; lower surface pale green with
some pubescence; leaf entire, terminus obtuse; petiolar sinus
deep, narrow, closed, overlapping; basal and lateral sinuses
lacking; teeth shallow. Flowers self-sterile, open in mid-season;
stamens reflexed.

Fruit mid-season, keeps well. Clusters large, broad, tapering, two
to three clusters per shoot, heavily single-shouldered, loose;
pedicel thick with small russet warts; brush yellowish-green.
Berries large, round-oval, flattened, dull black, covered with
thick bloom, persistent, firm; skin thick, tough, adherent,
astringent; flesh light green, translucent, juicy, tender,
fine-grained; very good. Seeds adherent, three to six, large,
broad, notched, long with swollen neck, blunt, brown with yellow

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