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Hopkins is named by grape-growers in the South Atlantic states as the
best early Rotundifolia grape. Its season in North Carolina begins
early in August, nearly a month before any other. It is, also, one of
the best in quality and for quality and earliness should be in every
home vineyard in the region in which it grows. Hopkins was found near
Wilmington, North Carolina, about 1845, by John Hopkins.

Vine very vigorous, hardy, productive. Canes long, slender,
upright. Leaves of medium size, variable, cordate, longer than
broad, thick, leathery, smooth, dark green; margins sharply
serrate. Flowers self-fertile.

Fruit very early. Clusters large, containing from four to ten
berries. Berries large, dark purple or almost black, round-oblong,
shelling badly; skin thick, tough, faintly marked with dots; pulp
white, tender, juicy with a sweet, pleasant flavor; one of the
best of the Rotundifolias in quality.

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