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Hybrid Franc

(Vinifera, Rupestris)

Hybrid Franc is the best-known cross between Rupestris and Vinifera.
It is one of the few varieties used in Europe as a resistant stock now
recommended for a direct producer. The vines are hardy, vigorous and
very productive. The fruit is fit only for wine or grape-juice, being
too acid to eat out of hand. The coloring matter in the fruit is very
intense and might be used in giving color to grape products. The
variety is of French origin.

Vine vigorous, hardy, productive. Canes numerous, thick, light
brown with blue bloom; nodes enlarged; internodes short; tendrils
intermittent, long, bifid or trifid. Leaves small, thin; upper
surface light green, glossy, smooth; lower surface green, hairy
along ribs and large veins; lobes three to five with terminal one
acute; petiolar sinus narrow, sometimes closed and overlapping;
lateral sinus a notch. Flowers semi-fertile, open early; stamens

Fruit mid-season, does not keep well. Clusters medium in size,
short, cylindrical, single-shouldered, compact; pedicel long,
slender with few small warts; brush short, wine-colored. Berries
small, oblate, black, glossy with thick bloom, persistent, firm;
skin thin, tender with very dark wine-colored pigment; flesh green
with reddish tinge, translucent, juicy, fine-grained, tender,
spicy, tart; fair in quality. Seeds free, one to five, small,
short, light brown.

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