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James is one of the largest of the Rotundifolia grapes and probably
the best general-purpose variety of this species. The vine is noted
for vigor and productiveness. It cannot be grown north of Maryland. It
thrives in sandy loam soils with clay subsoil. The variety was found
by B. W. M. James, Pitt County, North Carolina. It was introduced
about 1890 and was placed on the grape list of the American
Pomological Society fruit catalog in 1899.

Vine vigorous, healthy, productive. Canes slender, numerous, long,
slightly trailing. Leaves of medium size, thick, smooth, leathery,
cordate, as broad as long, with a serrate margin. Flowers open
late; stamens reflexed.

Fruit ripens late, hangs on the vine for three weeks, keeps well.
Clusters small, containing from four to twelve berries, irregular,
loose. Berries large, three-fourths to one and one-fourth inches
in diameter, round, blue-black, marked with specks; skin thick,
tough. Pulp juicy, sweet; good in quality.

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