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(Labrusca, Bourquiniana, Vinifera)

The notable characters of Jewel are earliness and high quality in
fruit; although, as compared with Delaware, its parent, the vine is
vigorous, healthy and hardy. In form and size of bunch and berry,
Jewel closely resembles Delaware, but the grapes are deep black in
color. The flesh characters and flavor of the fruit are much like
those of Delaware, the pulp being tender yet firm, and the flavor
having the same rich, sprightly, vinous taste found in the parent. The
seeds are few and small. The skin is thin but tough, and the grapes
ship well, keep long, do not shell, and although early, hang until
frost. Jewel is a most excellent grape, worthy the place among black
grapes that Delaware has among red varieties. In particular, it is
recommended for earliness and for localities in the North where
standard varieties do not ripen. John Burr, Leavenworth, Kansas, grew
Jewel from seed of Delaware planted about 1874.

Vine vigorous, healthy, hardy, productive. Canes slender, light
reddish-brown; nodes enlarged, flattened; internodes short;
tendrils continuous, bifid. Leaves scant, thick; upper surface
light green, dull, rugose; lower surface tinged with bronze,
heavily pubescent; lobes three when present with terminus acute;
petiolar sinus narrow; basal sinus usually lacking; lateral sinus
shallow, wide; teeth shallow. Flowers self-sterile, open in
mid-season; stamens reflexed.

Fruit early. Clusters small, slender, cylindrical,
single-shouldered, compact; pedicel short, slender; brush short,
wine-colored. Berries medium in size, round, dark purplish-black,
dull with heavy bloom, persistent, firm; skin thin, tough,
adherent, wine-colored pigment; flesh pale green, translucent,
juicy, fine-grained, tender, sprightly, vinous, sweet; very good.
Seeds adherent, one to four, frequently one-sided, blunt, light

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