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(Vinifera, Vulpina)

Kensington has several very meritorious fruit and vine characters. The
vine resembles that of Clinton, its Vulpina parent, in vigor,
hardiness, growth and productiveness, but the fruit has many of the
characters of the European parent, Buckland Sweetwater. The grapes are
yellowish-green, large, oval and borne in loose clusters of medium
size. In quality the fruit of Kensington is not equal to that of
Buckland Sweetwater but is much better than that of Clinton. The flesh
is tender and juicy with a rich, sweet, vinous flavor. The hardiness
of the vine and the high quality of the fruit should make Kensington a
favorite green grape in northern gardens. This variety was grown by
William Saunders, London, Ontario. It was sent out some time between
1870 and 1880.

Vine vigorous, hardy, productive. Canes long, slender, light
brown; nodes enlarged, flattened; internodes short; tendrils
persistent, intermittent or continuous, long, bifid or trifid.
Leaves thin; upper surface light green, glossy, smooth; lower
surface pale green, pubescent, hairy; lobes wanting or one to
three with terminus obtuse; petiolar sinus narrow; basal sinus
shallow when present; lateral sinus shallow, usually a notch;
teeth deep and wide. Flowers self-fertile, open early, stamens

Fruit mid-season. Clusters large, cylindrical, often heavily
single-shouldered, loose, frequently with many undeveloped
berries; pedicel long and slender with small, inconspicuous warts;
brush short, pale green. Berries variable in size, oval,
yellowish-green, glossy with thin bloom, persistent, firm; skin
thin, tough, adherent, faintly astringent; flesh green,
transparent, juicy, tender, vinous, sweet; good. Seeds free, two
to four, wrinkled, large, long, broad, sharp-pointed,

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