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Lignan Blanc


White July, Luglienga, Joannenc

At Geneva, New York, Lignan Blanc ripens first of all grapes, native
or European. It is not of highest quality but is better than any other
early grape and makes a valuable addition to the home vineyard. It is
a favorite grape in Europe and is rather commonly grown in California.
This variety offers excellent material for hybridization with native

Vine vigorous, medium productive; buds open early; opening leaves
light green, glossy, tinged with red along the edges, thinly
pubescent. Leaves medium in size, roundish, somewhat dull green,
slightly rugose; lower surface glabrous; blade thick; lobes
usually five though sometimes three; petiolar sinus medium in
depth, wide; lower lateral sinus medium in depth, narrow; upper
lateral sinus shallow, narrow; margin dentate; teeth long, narrow.
Flowers appear early for a Vinifera; stamens upright.

Fruit ripens the first of September and is a good keeper; clusters
above medium in size, tapering, medium compact; berries medium to
large, oval, yellowish-green, with thin bloom; skin thin, tender,
neutral; flesh greenish-white, firm, juicy, meaty, sweet; quality

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