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(Labrusca, Vinifera)

Massasoit is distinguished as the earliest of Rogers' hybrids,
ripening with Delaware. The grapes have the peculiarity of being best
before full maturity, developing, after ripening, a degree of foxiness
which impairs the quality. In shape and size of berry and bunch, there
is a striking resemblance to Isabella, but the color is that of
Catawba. The texture of the fruit is especially good, firm but tender
and juicy, while the flavor is rich and sweet. The vine is vigorous,
hardy and productive but subject to mildew and rot. Massasoit is worth
a place in the home vineyard and as an early grape of fine quality for
local markets.

Vine very vigorous, hardy, very productive, subject to rot and
mildew. Canes long, thick, dark brown with reddish tinge; nodes
enlarged, flattened; tendrils continuous, long, trifid or bifid.
Leaves variable in size; upper surface light green, dull, smooth;
lower surface pale green, pubescent; lobes three to five with
terminus acute; petiolar sinus deep, narrow; basal sinus shallow,
narrow, obscure; teeth shallow. Flowers self-sterile, open late;
stamens reflexed.

Fruit early, keeps well. Clusters variable in size, broad,
cylindrical, frequently single-shouldered; pedicel slender with a
few indistinct warts; brush pale green. Berries large, round-oval,
dark brownish-red, dull with thin bloom, very persistent, firm;
skin thin, tender, adherent, astringent; flesh pale green,
translucent, juicy, fine-grained, soft, stringy, foxy; good to
very good. Seeds adherent, one to five, large, broad, distinctly
notched, plump, blunt.

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