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Memory is one of the best of the Rotundifolia grapes for the garden
and local markets, its fruits being especially good for dessert. As
yet, however, the variety has not been widely distributed even in
North Carolina where it originated. The vine is given credit for being
the most vigorous grower and the most productive of the grapes of its
species. Memory is probably a seedling of Thomas, which it much
resembles, having been found in a vineyard of Thomas grapes near
Whiteville, North Carolina, by T. S. Memory, about 1868.

Vine very vigorous, healthy, productive. Leaves large, longer than
broad, thick, smooth with coarsely serrate margins. Flowers

Fruit ripens in September in North Carolina; clusters large, with
from four to twelve berries which hang unusually well for a
variety of V. Rotundifolia. Berries very large, round-oblong, deep
brownish-black, almost jet black; skin thick; flesh tender, juicy,
sweet; good to best.

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