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(Labrusca, Vinifera)

The bunches and berries of Mills are large and well-formed; the
berries are firm and solid, with the skin adherent as in Viniferas;
the flesh is juicy and parts readily from the seeds; the flavor is
rich, sweet and vinous; and the grapes are hardly surpassed in keeping
quality. But when the fruit characters of Mills have been praised,
nothing further can be said in its favor. The vines are neither
vigorous, hardy nor fruitful and are very subject to mildew; neither
wood nor roots ripen well in the North in average seasons; and the
variety is a most difficult one for nurserymen to grow. Mills is of
doubtful commercial value, but for the garden it is possible that the
grower may be able to graft it to advantage on some variety with
better vine characters. William H. Mills, Hamilton, Ontario, grew
Mills about 1870 from seed of Muscat Hamburg fertilized by Creveling.

Vine medium in vigor, hardiness and productiveness. Canes long,
thick, light brown; nodes enlarged, flattened; tendrils
intermittent, bifid or trifid. Leaves large, thick; upper surface
dark green, dull, rugose; lower surface pale green, cobwebby;
lobes three to five with terminus acute; petiolar sinus
intermediate in depth and width; basal and lateral sinuses deep
and wide; teeth deep. Flowers self-fertile, open in mid-season;
stamens upright.

Fruit mid-season, keeps well. Clusters large, long, slender,
cylindrical, often double-shouldered, compact; pedicel slender
with numerous, small warts; brush long, wine-colored. Berries
large, oval, jet-black with abundant bloom, persistent, firm; skin
thick, tough, adherent; flesh light green, translucent, juicy,
rich, tender, sprightly, vinous, sweet; very good to best. Seeds
free, one to three, large, brown.

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