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Of all grapes, Mission has probably played the most important part in
the vineyards of California. Grown from the earliest times at the old
missions, its source or its name has never been determined. Its
viticultural value for table and wine-press was early appreciated by
California grape-growers, and its culture rapidly spread to every
county in the state adapted to grape-growing. With vines vigorous,
healthy and productive, bearing grapes of delicious quality, Mission
is a mainstay on the Pacific slope, surpassed by few vineyard
varieties for general usefulness. The description is compiled.

Vine vigorous, healthy, productive; wood short-jointed,
grayish-brown, dull, dark. Leaf medium to large, slightly oblong,
with large, deeply-cut compound teeth; basal sinus widely opened,
primary sinuses narrow and shallow; smooth on both sides with
scattered tomentum below, bright green above, lighter below. Bunch
divided into many small, distinct lateral clusters, shouldered,
loose, sometimes very loose; berries of medium size, purple or
almost black with heavy bloom; skin thin; flesh firm, crisp,
juicy, sweet, rich and delicious. Seeds rather large and
prominent; season late.

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