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Moscatello Nero. Black Muscat

Beautiful in appearance and having a delicate Muscat taste and aroma,
this variety is one of the good table-grapes of the Pacific slope.
Unfortunately it ripens so late that it is hardly worth trying in the
East. The variety has the reputation of being very productive. The
description is compiled.

Vine vigorous, healthy, very productive. Leaves of medium size,
with deep upper and shallow lower sinuses; glabrous above,
slightly downy below, very hairy on the veins, with long, sharp
teeth. Bunch large to very large, long, loose, conico-cylindrical,
winged; berries very large, borne on long slender pedicels, dark
purple, almost black; skin thin but tough; flesh rather soft,
juicy; flavor sweet, rich, aromatic, musky; quality very good.
Season late, does not keep well.

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