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Muscat Hamburg


Muscat Hamburg (Plate XXV) is an old European grape well known in some
parts of America in greenhouse graperies, since it is one of the best
for forcing. All who know the beautiful fruits of this variety grown
in forcing-houses will want to test it out of doors, where at the
Geneva, New York, Experiment Station, they have done well, many
clusters attaining a weight of a pound and a half to two pounds. The
accompanying plate, the fruit much less than half natural size, shows
what a fine grape Muscat Hamburg is. One is struck with wondering
admiration at a vine laden with these grapes growing alongside
Concord, Niagara or Delaware. The quality is delectable, the
quintessence of the flavors and aromas which make the grape a favorite
fruit. The grapes keep long and retain their form, size, color and
rich, delicate flavor almost to the end. This variety is a treasure to
the amateur; and the professional who wants another grape for local
markets should try grafting over a few vines of some native to this
sort, following the directions given in Chapter X in caring for the

Vines vigorous, tender, need protection during the winter; canes
long, numerous, slender to medium, light brown, darker at the
nodes which are enlarged and flattened. Leaves medium to large,
intermediate in thickness; upper surface light green, dull; lower
surface pale green, faintly pubescent, densely hairy.

Fruit ripens in October, ships and keeps well; clusters very
large, long, broad, tapering, single or double-shouldered. Berries
large, firm, oval, very dark purplish-red, covered with lilac
bloom, very persistent; skin thick, adheres strongly to the pulp;
flesh pale green, translucent, meaty, very juicy, tender, vinous,
musky, sweet, rich; very good to best; seeds separating easily
from the pulp, large.

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