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Muscat Of Alexandria

This is possibly the leading table- and raisin-grape of the Pacific
slope. From the literature or from a visit to vineyards, one cannot
make out whether one or several varieties are grown under the name.
Probably there are several strains grown under the distinctive name
"Muscat" which applies to these sweet, light yellow, musky grapes.
This is one of the standard sorts to force indoors but requires too
long a season for out of doors in the East. The following description
is compiled:

Vine short, straggling, bushy, sometimes forming a bush rather
than a vine, very productive; wood gray with dark spots,
short-jointed. Leaf round, five-lobed; bright green above, lighter
green below. Bunches long and loose, shouldered; berry oblong,
light yellow and transparent when fully mature, covered with white
bloom; flesh firm, crisp; flavor sweet and very musky; quality
good. Season late, the laterals producing a second and sometimes
even a third crop.

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