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(AEstivalis, Labrusca)

Ozark belongs to the South and to Missouri in particular. Its merits
and demerits have been threshed out by the Missouri grape-growers with
the result that its culture is somewhat increasing. It is a grape of
low quality, partly, perhaps, from over-bearing, which it habitually
does unless the fruit is thinned. The vine is healthy and a very
strong grower, but is self-sterile, which is against it as a market
sort. In spite of self-sterility and low quality, Ozark is a promising
variety for the country south of Pennsylvania. Ozark originated with
J. Stayman, Leavenworth, Kansas, from seed of unknown source. The
variety was introduced about 1890.

Vine very vigorous, hardy, productive. Canes long, thick with thin
bloom, surface roughened; nodes enlarged, flattened; internodes
long; tendrils intermittent, usually bifid. Leaves dense, large;
upper surface light green; lower surface pale green, thinly
pubescent, cobwebby; lobes three to five; petiolar sinus deep,
narrow; serrations shallow, narrow. Flowers self-sterile or nearly
so, open late; stamens reflexed.

Fruit late, keeps well. Clusters large, long, usually with a long,
loose shoulder, very compact; pedicel short, thick, smooth; brush
long, red. Berries variable in size, dull black with abundant
bloom, persistent; skin tough with much wine-colored pigment;
flesh tender, mild; fair in quality. Seeds free, small.

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