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(Vulpina, Labrusca, Vinifera)

Peabody is as yet a comparatively unimportant offspring of Clinton.
The grapes are of excellent quality. It appears to do better in the
northern tier of states or in Canada, than farther south. This
variety was grown by J. H. Ricketts about 1870.

Vine vigorous, hardy, productive. Canes long, numerous, thick,
light brown with ash-gray tinge, darker at nodes, covered with
thin bloom; nodes enlarged, flattened; internodes short; tendrils
intermittent, bifid or trifid. Leaves medium in size; upper
surface dark green, thin; lower surface pale green, nearly
glabrous; lobes three, acuminate; petiolar sinus shallow, wide;
serration deep, narrow. Flowers semi-fertile, mid-season; stamens

Fruit early, keeps well. Clusters large, long, usually with a
shoulder connected to the bunch by a long stem, compact; pedicel
short, slender, warty; brush short, green. Berries oval, black,
glossy, covered with thin bloom, persistent; skin thick, tough;
flesh very juicy, tender, vinous, spicy, agreeably sweet at the
skin, tart at the center; good. Seeds free, broad.

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