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Before the advent of Niagara, Pocklington (Plate XXII) was the leading
green grape. The variety has the fatal fault, however, of ripening
its crop late, which with some minor defects has caused it to fall
below Niagara for northern grape districts. Pocklington is a seedling
of Concord and resembles its parent in vine characters; the vines are
fully equal to or surpass those of Concord in hardiness, but are of
slower growth and not quite as healthy, vigorous nor productive. In
quality, the grapes are as good if not better than those of Concord or
Niagara, being sweet, rich and pleasantly flavored, although as with
the other grapes named, it has too much foxiness for critical
consumers. Pocklington is not equal to several other grapes of its
season in quality, as Iona, Jefferson, Diana, Dutchess and Catawba,
but it is far above the average and for this reason should be
retained. John Pocklington, Sandy Hill, New York, grew Pocklington
from seed of Concord about 1870.

Vine medium in vigor, hardy. Canes of medium length, number and
size, dark reddish-brown; nodes enlarged, flattened; tendrils
continuous, bifid or trifid. Leaves variable in size, thick; upper
surface light green, glossy; lower surface tinged with bronze,
pubescent; lobes one to three with terminus acuminate; petiolar
sinus deep, wide; teeth narrow. Flowers self-fertile, mid-season;
stamens upright.

Fruit late mid-season, keeps and ships well. Clusters large,
cylindrical, often single-shouldered, compact; pedicel short,
thick with a few small warts; brush short, green. Berries large,
oblate, yellowish-green with tinge of amber, with thin bloom,
firm; skin with scattering russet dots, thin, tender, adherent,
faintly astringent; flesh light green with yellow tinge,
translucent, juicy, tough, fine-grained, slightly foxy; good.
Seeds adherent, one to six, of medium length and breadth.

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