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(Labrusca, Vinifera)

Prentiss is a green grape of high quality, once well known and
generally recommended, but now going out of cultivation because the
vine is tender to cold, lacks in vigor, is unproductive, uncertain in
bearing and is subject to rot and mildew. There are vineyards in which
it does very well and in such it is a remarkably attractive green
grape, especially in form of cluster and in color of berry, in these
respects resembling the one-time favorite, Rebecca, although not so
high in quality as that variety. Its season is given as both before
and after Concord. Prentiss always must remain a variety for the
amateur and for special localities. It originated with J. W. Prentiss,
Pulteney, New York, about 1870 from seed of Isabella.

Vine weak. Canes thick, light to dark brown; tendrils continuous,
bifid. Leaves small, thick; upper surface light green, rugose in
the older leaves; lower surface pale green, pubescent. Flowers
self-fertile, mid-season; stamens upright.

Fruit variable in season, about with Concord, keeps well. Cluster
medium in size, tapering, sometimes with a single shoulder,
compact. Berries medium in size, oval, light green with a yellow
tinge, thin bloom, persistent, firm; skin tough, without pigment;
flesh pale green, juicy, foxy; good. Seeds adherent, numerous,
notched, short, sharp-pointed, dark brown.

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