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The grape commends itself to commercial and amateur growers alike by
its ease of propagation. The vines of all species may be propagated
from seed, and all but one of the several cultivated species may be
grown readily from cuttings or layers. All yield to grafting of one
kind or another. Seeds are planted only to produce new varieties. At
one time stocks were grown from seed, but this practice has fallen
into disrepute because of the great variations in the seedlings.
Varieties on their own roots and stocks are for most part propagated
from cuttings. In the production of stocks, the viticulturist sets the
orchardist a good example, for there can be no question that all
tree-fruits suffer from being grown on seedling stocks. The grape is a
vigorous, self-assertive plant and once it is started, whether from
seeds, cuttings or layers, seldom fails to grow.

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