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Purple Cornichon


Black Cornichon

By virtue of attractive appearance and excellent shipping qualities of
the fruit, this variety takes high place among the commercial grapes
of California. Late ripening is another quality making it desirable,
while its curious, long, curved berries add novelty to its
attractions. The fruit does not take high rank in quality. The
description has been compiled.

Vine very vigorous, healthy and productive; wood light brown
striped with darker brown, short-jointed. Leaves large, longer
than wide, deeply five-lobed; dark green above, lighter and very
hairy below; coarsely toothed; with short, thick petiole. Bunches
very large, loose or sometimes scraggly, borne on long peduncles;
berries large, long, more or less curved, dark purple, spotted,
thick-skinned, borne on long pedicels; flesh firm, crisp, sweet
but not rich in flavor; quality good but not high. Season late,
keeps and ships well.

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