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(Labrusca, Vinifera)

This is one of Rogers' hybrids which equals other grapes of its color
and season. The grapes are attractive in cluster and berry and are of
very good quality but are subject to rot and ripen too late for
northern regions. The variety was named Requa in 1869, it having been
previously known as No. 28.

Vine vigorous, hardy except in severe winters, medium in
productiveness. Canes long, thick; tendrils continuous or
intermittent, trifid or bifid. Leaves medium in size, dark green,
often thick and rugose; lower surface grayish-green, pubescent.
Flowers semi-fertile, late; stamens reflexed.

Fruit late, keeps long. Clusters large, cylindrical, often with a
long, single shoulder, compact. Berries large, oval, dark, dull
red covered with thin bloom, strongly adherent; skin thin, tough,
adherent; flesh pale green, tender, stringy, vinous, foxy, sweet;
good to very good. Seeds adherent, medium in size and length,
broad, blunt.

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