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Rosaki is a table-and raisin-grape of southeastern Europe and Asia
Minor. According to some of the California nursery companies, it is
grown in that state under the name Dattier de Beyrouth, although it
would seem from French descriptions that there is a separate, very
late variety of the latter name. Rosaki is similar to Malaga and there
is a possibility that in some of the warmer parts of the East, it may
be grown commercially as a substitute for the latter. The variety
seems to be little grown on the Pacific slope.

Vines vigorous, usually very productive. Leaves large, roundish,
rugose, usually five-lobed; terminal lobe acuminate; petiolar
sinus moderately deep to deep, medium broad; lower lateral sinus
shallow, broad, occasionally lacking; upper lateral sinus shallow
to medium, broad; margins broadly and bluntly dentate. Fruit
ripens the third week in October, keeping qualities excellent;
clusters large, loose, tapering, shouldered; berries large to very
large, oval to long-oval, pale yellow-green; flesh translucent,
tender, meaty, vinous, sprightly; quality good to very good.

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