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Rose Of Peru


Rose of Peru is a favorite table-grape in California, confused with
and possibly the same as Black Prince. Its chief commendable
characters are handsome appearance and high quality of fruit and very
productive vines. It is not adapted for shipping and does not enter
plentifully into commerce. Its season is so late that the variety is
hardly worth trying in the East, and yet it has matured in favorable
seasons at Geneva, New York. The following description is compiled:

Vine vigorous, healthy, productive; wood short-jointed, dark
brown. Leaves of medium size; deep green above, lighter green and
tomentose below. Bunches very large, shouldered, very loose, often
scraggly; berry large, round, black with firm, crackling flesh;
skin rather thin and tender; flavor sweet and rich; quality very
good to best. Season late, keeping rather well but not shipping

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