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(Labrusca, Vinifera)

Rogers' No. 22, Rogers' No. 53

Salem (Plate XXVII) is the one of Rogers' hybrids of which the
originator is said to have thought most, and to which he gave the name
of his place of residence. The two chief faults, unproductiveness and
susceptibility to mildew, are not found in all localities, and in
these districts, near good markets, Salem ought to rank high as a
commercial fruit. The vine is hardy, vigorous and productive and bears
handsome fruit of high quality. This variety was christened Salem by
Rogers in 1867, two years earlier than his other hybrids were named.

Vine vigorous, hardy, variable in productiveness. Canes long, dark
brown; nodes enlarged; tendrils continuous or intermittent, long,
bifid or trifid. Leaves variable in size; upper surface dark
green, dull; lower surface pale green with slight bronze tinge,
pubescent; lobes one to three with terminus acute; petiolar sinus
deep, narrow, often overlapping; basal sinus lacking; lateral
sinus shallow, narrow, notched. Flowers sterile, mid-season;
stamens reflexed.

Fruit early, keeps and ships well. Clusters large, short, broad,
tapering, heavily shouldered, compact; pedicel short, thick with
small warts, enlarged at point of attachment to berry; brush
short, pale green. Berries large, round, dark red, dull,
persistent, soft; skin thick, adherent, without pigment,
astringent; flesh translucent, juicy, tender, stringy,
fine-grained, vinous, sprightly; good to very good. Seeds one to
six, large, long and broad, blunt, brown.

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