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Aspiran Blanc

Verdal is one of the standard late grapes of the Pacific slope,
ripening among the last. The grapes are seen seldom in distant markets
and the quality is not quite good enough to make it a very great
favorite for home plantations. Vigor and hardiness of vines commend it
as do the large and handsome fruits, and these qualities, with late
ripening, will probably long keep it on grape lists in the far West.
The description is compiled.

Vines vigorous, hardy, healthy and productive; canes rather
slender, half erect. Leaves of medium size, glabrous on both
surfaces, except below near the axis of the main nerve; sinuses
well marked and generally closed, giving the leaf the appearance
of having five holes; teeth long, unequal, acuminate. Bunches
large to very large, irregular, long-conical, usually compact;
shoulders small or lacking; berries large or very large,
yellowish-green; skin thick but tender; flesh crisp, firm; flavor
agreeable but not rich; quality good. Season very late, keeping
and shipping well.

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