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Vineyard Returns

Grape-growing as a business is a comparatively new industry in
America. It is true that the first attempts at growing this fruit were
made to found an industry, but these were complete and dismal
failures, and the start in growing grapes in America eventually came
as a pleasing hobby. In evolving from a hobby into vineyard culture on
a large scale, the business side of the industry long lagged. At
present, with increasing competition, manifold uncertainties in
vineyard conditions, and much unbusinesslike administration, interest
in cultural operations, with which pioneers in the industry were
chiefly concerned, is eclipsed by the conception that grape-growing is
a highly developed commercial enterprise requiring for success careful
business management.

Unfortunately there is nowhere a substantial body of figures from
which growers can obtain a fair conception of what the outgo and
income of average vineyards in grape regions are. The value of such
data to investors or to those making an effort to keep track of the
finances of their business is obvious, and an attempt is made here to
put the reader in possession of figures that ought to be helpful. The
data given, although scant and fragmentary, show fairly accurately the
cost of producing grapes, selling prices and profits in the culture
of this fruit in one of the great grape regions.

The New York Agricultural Experiment Station is carrying on
experiments to determine the outgo and income from vineyards in the
Chautauqua grape-belt. The work is not yet finished, nor could the
findings be published in detail before being sent out by the Station,
but F. E. Gladwin, in charge of the work, has consented to set down
summaries of costs and returns taken from vineyards at Fredonia, which
will serve as a guide to planters of grapes in this region at least:

First Year

Interest on value of land @ $200 per acre $12.00
Preparation of land 8.00
Cost of vines per acre 12.00
Planting 4.00
Cultivating 6.00
Total expenditure for first year $42.00

Second Year

Interest on value of vineyard @ $225 per acre $13.50
Cultivating, hand hoeing, etc. 9.25
Pruning 1.00
Total expenditure for second year $23.75

Third Year

Interest on value of vineyard @ $250 per acre $15.00
Pruning 2.50
Posts (cost of) @ .10 240 24.00
Setting and driving 6.50
Wire and wiring, staples, etc. 11.65
Tying and twine 1.45
Cultivating, plowing, harrowing 9.25
Spraying 4.00
No. baskets sold @ .16 per basket 500 $80.00
Cost of baskets @ $20 per thousand 10.00
Picking @ .01 per basket 5.00
Packing @ .01 per basket 5.00
Hauling .003 1.50
Outgo for third year $95.85
Income $80.00

Fourth Year

Interest on value of vineyard @ $300 per acre $18.00
Pruning 2.50
Tying 2.90
Spraying and materials 4.00
Cultivating, plowing, harrowing, hand-hoeing and
plowing back one furrow 9.25
Trellis upkeep, driving posts, tightening wires, etc. 2.50
Pulling and poling out brush 1.69
No. baskets sold @ .16 per basket 1000 $160.00
Cost of baskets @ $20 per thousand 20.00
Picking @ .01 per basket 10.00
Packing @ .01 per basket 10.00
Hauling .003 3.00
Outgo for fourth year $83.84
Income $160.00

Outgo for four years $245.44
Income for four years 240.00

Estimates for Succeeding Years

Gross income $125-200
Outgo 75- 85

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