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(Vinifera, Labrusca, Bourquiniana)

Were it not almost impossible to grow healthy vines of Walter, the
variety would rank high among American grapes. But stunted by fungi
which attack leaves, young wood and fruit, it is possible only in
exceptionally favorable seasons satisfactorily to produce crops of
this variety. Besides susceptibility to diseases, the vines are
fastidious to soils, everywhere variable in growth and are injured in
cold winters. As if to atone for the faults of the vine, the fruit of
Walter is almost perfect, lacking only in size of bunch and berry. The
bunch and berry resemble those of Delaware, but the fruit is not as
high in quality as that of its parents. Walter is adapted to
conditions under which Delaware thrives. A. J. Caywood, Modena, New
York, grew this variety about 1850 from seed of Delaware pollinated by

Vine vigorous. Canes medium in length and size, dark reddish-brown
with thin bloom; nodes enlarged, flattened; tendrils intermittent,
bifid. Leaves thick; upper surface dark green, glossy, smooth;
lower surface tinged with bronze, heavily pubescent; lobes one to
three with terminus acute; petiolar sinus narrow; basal sinus
lacking; lateral sinus a notch if present. Flowers mid-season;
stamens upright.

Fruit early, keeps and ships well. Clusters medium in size, broad,
cylindrical, usually single-shouldered, compact; pedicel slender,
with small, scattering warts; brush short, slender, green with
brown tinge. Berries small, ovate, red, glossy with thin bloom,
persistent, firm; skin very tough, adheres slightly, unpigmented;
flesh pale green, translucent, juicy, tough, somewhat foxy,
vinous, aromatic; good to very good. Seeds adherent, one to four,
small, sharp-pointed, light brown.

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