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Precautions Against Fire

Cannot be too closely attended to. The store house, or cellar for
keeping whiskey in, ought to be some distance from the distillery, and
the liquor deposited, and all work necessary in it done by day, to avoid
all possible danger arising from candles or lamps, from which many
serious calamities have occurred. Suppose the cellar or place of deposit
to be entered at night by a person carrying a lamp or candle, and a
leaking cask takes his attention, in correcting the leak, he may set his
lamp on the ground covered with whiskey, or he may drop by chance one
drop of burning oil on a small stream of whiskey, which will communicate
like gun powder, and may cause an explosion, which may in all likelihood
destroy the stock on hand, the house, and the life of the
individual.--On this subject it is not necessary I should say much, as
every individual employed about a distillery must have some knowledge of
the value of life and property.

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