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Profits Of A Common Distillery

Profits arising from a distillery with two common stills, one containing
110 gallons, and one containing 65 gallons that is well conducted for 10
months. The calculations predicated on a site, distant about 60 miles
from market. Due regard is paid to the rising and falling markets in the
following statement. The selling price of whiskey will always regulate
the price of grain, the distiller's wages, the prices of malt, hops,
hauling, &c. is rather above than below par.

Distillery, Dr.

To 1077 bushels corn, at 50
cents per bushel, is $ 538 50

533 bushels rye, at 60 cents 309 80

96 bushels malt, at 70 ditto 67 20

1706 bushels total.

60 pounds hops at 25 cents
per pound 15

100 cords of wood, at 2 dollars 200

Distiller's wages per year and
boarding 204 70

Hauling whiskey, at 4 cents
per gallon 204 70

50 poor hogs at 4 dollars each 200
$ 1739 90

Contra Cr.

By 5118 gallons whiskey, at
59 cents per gallon $ 2559
50 fat hogs at 7 dollars each 350
$ 2939
Leaving a balance of $ 1143 10

I have charged nothing for hauling of grain, &c. as the feed or slop for
milk cows, young cattle, and fatting cattle, will more than pay that

An estimate of the profits arising from a patent distillery, (col.
Anderson's patent improved) 1 still of 110 with a patent head, 1 still
of 85 gallons for a doubling still, and a boiler of metal, holding 110

Distillery, Dr.

To 2454 bushels corn, at 50
cents per bushel $ 1227
1216 do. rye, at 60 cents do. 729 60
200 do. malt at 70 cents do. 140

120 pounds hops, at 25 cents
per pound 30
100 cords wood, at 2 dollars
per cord 200

2 distillers wages, boarding,
&c. 400

Hauling whiskey, per gallon
at 4 cents 464 40

120 poor hogs at 4 dolls. each 480

Total expense $ 3671

Contra, Cr.

By 11610 gallons whiskey, at
50 cents per gallon $ 5805 50

120 fat hogs, at 7 dolls. each 840

$ 6645 50

Clear profit, $ 2974 50
Profit of a common distillery 1148 10

Balance in favor of a patent
distillery $ 1826 40

To do the business of a patent distillery or to carry her on to
advantage, requires a little more capital to start with--but either the
patent or common distillery, when they have run two or three months,
managed by an attentive and brisk dealing man, will maintain, or keep
themselves agoing.

Where wood is scarce and money plenty, the patent distillery is
certainly to be recommended, indeed, in all cases, I would recommend it,
where the proprietor has money enough. It is by far the most profitable,
and will sooner or later become in general use in this country.

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